Our Solution



A portable MICRO-GC medical device used by physicians to detect various biomarkers indicating various illnesses such as COVID-19, colorectal cancer, and lung cancer.

How It Works

The device separates >100 volatile chemical compounds in a breath in 10 minutes with a sub-ppb (parts-per-billion), thanks to the micro-scale components such as the microfluidic detector.

Device readings are encrypted and sent to our cloud platform where they are analyzed using our proprietary algorithm which has been developed based on machine learning and artificial intelligence to analyze breath patterns revealing diseases and human health conditions. Results are finally relayed back to the device.

Target Customer

Only Micro-GC marketed directly to Physician Offices, Hospitals, Dentist and Veterinarians. The customer will be able to offer a low cost, non-invasive, early detection screening for multiple maladies, without a lab, in minutes

Use Case

Micro GC device can be used in hospitals and at the point-of-care (POC) to provide timely information about disease and health conditions. It can be placed at bedside to analyze breath every 30 minutes, just like an electrocardiogram (ECG) that analyze the heart condition every second.

Key Features

  • Plug N Play -Requires no additional lab equipment or training required to operate
  • Upgradable -As new biomarkers become available, physicians will automatically get access to new diagnostic types synced wirelessly from the cloud.
  • Instant Results -The test takes 20min on average
  • Non-invasive -Patients simply exhale for seconds, two times, into the device. Similar to a breathalyzer.
  • Portability -The Micro-GC is portable (size of a shoebox) and light weight (3kg) much smaller than traditional GC-MS devices.
  • Low Cost -Physicians receive the devices free of charge and only pay per use.

Preliminary Results

Specificity Sensitivity Predictive Value
LUNG CANCER 96% 88% 95.7%
COLORECTAL CANCER 100% 94.3% 96.2%
COVID-19 96.7% 93.3% 95%

And more biomarkers in the pipeline...

Given time and resources, we can test for an endless list of diseases and pathogens

  • Next 5 Cancers
    Breast | Stomach | Prostate | Liver | Pancreatic
  • Sepsis
    ARDS (Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome)
    Heart Disease
    Autoimmune Disease