The entire world is about to
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Company Overview

Blu Biotech is a US based medical diagnostics company founded in 2019 which has developed BREATHGUARD, the first micro gas chromatography based test to noninvasively detect various illnesses using exhaled breath to locate identified volatile organic compounds.

Blu Biotech Inc was initially formed to advance certain bioengineering innovations developed at the University of Michigan and to commercialize these technologies globally. Clinical sites exist in Michigan, New Mexico and Bari, Italy.

Research Team Awarded $2M NIH Grant for Breath Analyzer that Detects and Monitors COVID-19, COVID-19 Induced Lung Injury

U-M Weil Institute, College of Engineering & Michigan Medicine Awarded $5.7M Grant for Wearable Sensor that Detects Diseases through Body Odor

High Accuracy

Clinical trials show higher accuracy results in comparison to known commercial solutions on the market.

Strong Market

Our diagnostic services include COVID-19, Lung, and Colorectal cancer diagnostics which have markets sizes of 97.4 Bn (7.7% CAGR), 2.6 Bn (8.1% CAGR), 765 Mn (5.9% CAGR) respectively.

Clinical Trials

The company has several working prototypes, completed clinical trials and is waiting for FDA approval for COVID-19 detection and related diagnostics. Other applications including lung cancer screening and colorectal cancer screening are currently planned for early 2023.